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About Adrienne Henderson

Adrienne-Henderson-Massage-TherapistAdrienne Henderson is originally from Southern California and practiced in Palos Verdes, CA before moving to Washington in 1995.
In 1987, Adrienne started a long career with her first Certification in Massage Therapy, a 500-hour program from the California School of Medical Sciences in Beverly Hills.

In 1988, she provided massage for the United States Cycling Federation, working on elite cyclists training for the 1988 Olympics. Her love of cycling as a young girl – included riding from Monterey-to-Los Angeles, and San Francisco-to-San Diego at ages 13 and 14- gave her an early interest in sports physiology.

Along with cycling, Adrienne was competitive power lifter training with Coach Bernie Gagne, who went to 14 world championships for women. While she no longer does power lifting, Adrienne still loves being in the gym, and working with moderate weights. Her long career in massage therapy is partly due to her continued physical conditioning.

In 1992, Adrienne studied under the renowned Dr. Myk Hungerford, P.T., who pioneered Sports Massage in the US. Dr. Hungerford was an early mentor who taught Adrienne advanced techniques that continue to distinguish her from other practitioners even today.

In 1996, Adrienne completed a second full certification course in massage therapy, a 670-hour program from the Body Mind Academy in Bellevue. Adrienne has steadily added to her professional education with certifications in Reflexology, Sports Massage, Anatomy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release, and Active Isolated Stretching.

In 2010, Adrienne injured her hip that led to a total hip replacement in 2012 at the young age of 47.  She found Massage Cupping as a means to heal from surgery.  Massage Cupping has revolutionized the way in which Adrienne practices. Read more about Massage Cupping.


Today Adrienne is passionate about working on people using a combination of techniques with Massage Cupping as the main modality.  Adrienne is good at listening then incorporating that information into your massage to meet your individual needs.   Her intention is always to have you feeling better.

Adrienne is the proud parent of her daughter Leona, a junior in High School who is a Muay Thai coach to 4- and 6- year-old children.

Adrienne has found her aspirations in Dr. Hungerfold who is the mother of Sports Massage in the US.

Dr. Hungerford P.T., Ph.D. (1926-2008) was the mother of Sports Massage in the US.  She was the national director of education for the American Massage Therapy Association and National Sports Massage Team.
Dr Hungerford graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York- the oldest massage school in the USA, founded in 1916.     Then she received a PhD in Physical Therapy and a degree in nutrition from Donsbaugh University.

Dr Hungerford massaged President Kennedy and Jacqueline while they were in the White House. Dr Hungerford worked alongside Dr Janet Travel (1901-1997). Dr Travel is the originator of Myofascial, and Trigger Point Therapy.  Dr Hungerford worked along side Dr. Travel while in the White House and at Eisenhower Medical Center.  She learned Strain Counterstrain from Dr Lawrence Jones at Phoenix General Hospital.  She studied Reflexology with Eunice Ingham Stopfel, Orthopedics with Dr Cyriax, Neuromuscular Therapy with Paul St John,   and Sports Massage with Bennie Vaughn.

Dr Hungerford was the National Educator for the AMTA and helped to certify massage schools. Dr Hungerford pioneered getting sports massage into the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Dr Hungerford then started the Sports Massage Training Institute in Costa Mesa, CA.

Dr Hungerford wrote the book: Beyond Sports Medicine and produced a 7-DVD series for full body massage techniques.

Dr Myk Hungerford passed away in 2008 following complications from a surgery that led to renal and heart failure. She was a renowned sports therapist and an amazing teacher.

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